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My name is Jamie Overton and I run Synth Universe. I live on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. I spend most of my time using iPad and iPhone apps, mostly music making apps. I have been testing out apps for about a year and a half, firstly doing videos on youtube and then more recently creating a webpage for app reviews, information and how-to’s, videos and latest news. A more long term goal for my webpage is to add more vintage gear content. As apps take up most of my time vintage gear is on the back burner. My other back burner topic is Android apps, although I consider iOS apps where the action is!

My other interests include music making, script writing and producing short films. With music making I enjoy living with vintage gear (even though they take up too much room)! My favourite pieces of kit include the Roland JV range of synths like the JV1080 and JV2080 with Vintage and Experience cards. I also love the XV3080. My other choices for favourite gear is a Yamaha TX rack, the TX81Z, Korg Wavestation, Korg M1, Wavestation SR and Roland Gaia and the Yamaha SY85 and SY77. I use drum machines and hardware sequencers such as the Yamaha QX1 and QX3 and QX7. I’ve recently got hold of a Roland W30 for sampling. As for computer sequencing I use Ableton Live 9 Suite, FL Studio, lots of Native Instruments stuff including Machine and Kore 2. I have a record out under the name Sonic Coils.

I am also a script writer and film director. I am currently working on a short film called The Other Side. The film is about a girl who wakes up and finds herself tied to a tree. Believing her abductor will come back at any time she realizes there is another girl on the other side of the tree. I have also produced several music videos that you can find here: The Merchants

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