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Arpeggionome Pro iPad App

Arpeggionome Pro iPad App

Information and Specifications

Category: Synthesizer Apps
Language: English
Seller: Alexander Randon
© 2014 Alexander Randon
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Price: $9.99 (check local pricing)
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Description: Arpeggionome Pro is an arpeggiator generator app for the iPad.

I’ve used this app for quite a while now and let me tell you Arpeggionome Pro is a marvel to behold. But what is it and is it really that great?

If you’ve ever played around with arpeggios on old synthesizers from the early 80s, this is nothing like it. While arpeggios have been implemented widely in modern synthesizers and DAWs, etc, Arpeggionome Pro pretty much rewrites the rules on the capabilities of them and all this done on an iPad (or iPhone). The main part of the app is the Performance Matrix. Touching any part of Matrix field triggers notes in the pattern. Moving your finger from left to right triggers what note to start and moving up and down generates the pattern’s rate. To create your own pattern the matrix is surrounded by a multitude of knobs and buttons grouped together in related fields. The top 8 buttons sets Key, Scale, Rates, Octave, Note, Velocity, Gate and Tempo. Down the left side of the matrix is Octave Ranges, Octave Style and Notes. To the right of the matrix is Notes Style, Alignment and Step Distance. Underneath the matrix is the Pattern library with 32 presets and user destinations for saving your own.

Outside of the matrix grid to the far left is a piano roll that lets you see what’s going on with the current arpeggio. It is blacked out and there is no way to play the notes on their own. On the far right is the modulation strips for volume and pitch using the iPad’s built-in accelerometer for degree of change. Next to that is another section for information screens and set up functionality. So up the top is Info that takes you to quick start guides, social media connections and external links. The skull is I assume the panic button. Next down is where you write and save your patterns. M lets you mute everything. The 2 square shapes lines above and below the play pattern button I have no idea. There is an All Banks screen for loading factory patterns and user slots. And finally at the bottom is the Settings screen that has tons of stuff to on offer.

A quick run down on the Settings page: The Audio Settings allows you to change waveform (triangle, square, saw, sine), reverb on or off, tremolo on or off, vibrato on or off and volume low, medium, high and full. You can return audio to default settings. MIDI outputs settings, MIDI input settings, interaction settings (quantise, retrigger, accelerometer, knob style, tempo lock, tap tempo). Default interaction settings. Visual settings and file settings. There are tons of stuff to change and read up on. Very thorough and complete.

Other features include a basic synth (change the waveform in settings), landscape orientation, Audiobus compatible and iTunes File Sharing. So it’s an amazing app. Not much to complain about. Maybe the synth section could be expanded as well as an expanded effects section. Also if you want to run it on your iPhone you have to buy it again. The usual price is $19.99. Just a tad steep. Buy it when it’s on sale (which is on now as I write) for $4.99. Get it before it goes back up. Get it here: Arpeggionome Pro – A New Musical Instrument – Alexandernaut