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AUFX: Space iOS App


 Information and Specifications

Category: Effects Apps
Size: 5 MB
Language: English
Seller: jonatan liljedahl
© 2013 Jonatan Liljedahl
 Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
 Price: $7.99 (Check local pricing)
 Get it here: AUFX:Space – Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

Description: AUFX: Space is a real time reverb audio effect app, featuring various reverb effects such as small rooms, resonators and  infinitely large spaces.

If you want a reverb on your sound and you’re using a iOS device, this is the app to get. Simply fire up Audiobus, add your instrument and then add AUFX: Space. There’s a few effects app around, most notably Filtatron and AmpliTube that have various included effects. AudioReverb is probably the only other reverb app besides AUFX:Space that just does one thing. Although I haven’t reviewed or tried out AudioReverb yet, it will interesting to see how similar they are at tackling reverb, a great way to add “space” to your sound.A few of the features from the app description include: High quality 32-bit DSP engine, A multitude of parameters to tweak to get a wide range of sounds, Built-in resonant filters, Process hardware input/output, Process other apps through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported), Save, load and share user presets, Comes with several bundled presets, Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.There are 16 presets on offer. Most of the common types of reverb are there: plate, big hall, large room, metallics, spring, resonator. You can save your own sounds easily. Recording is a breeze as well and you can export to AudioShare or send to email. MIDI is quite extensive and I won’t go into detail here. Summing up: most of the features of a hardware unit is here, including MIDI channel and learn function. To create an effect from scratch you have various parameters to adjust. These include Gain, Dry/Wet Mix, Room Size, Scale, Pre Delay, Color, Damping, Stereo Spread, LPF Cutoff, LPF Resonance, HPF Cutoff and HPF Resonance.

Is it any good? Yes. It’s great. AUFX: Space is a premium app with a low price. The Presets are great and the ability to store or record sounds makes it worth more than the $4.49 they’re asking. MIDI control is deep yet easy to navigate. The whole design is well realized and the results amazing. Audiobus integration is top of the list of musty have features and it works the way it should. Everything else is a bonus. Maybe only missing a few features such as Compare and Bypass though they aren’t essential, they are standard features on hardware effects units. Just wow. A must have app for the iOS musician.