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Information and Specifications

Category: Dubstep Apps
Updated: 14 December 2012
Version: 2.1
Size: 55.9 MB
Language: English
Seller: Paul Betowski
© Paul Betowski 2012 All rights reserved.
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
Price: $1.99
Get it here: Dubstep SX – Loops / Synth / Drums / Effects – DesignByPaul

Description: Dubstepper is an iPad app for creating dubstep music.
Note: Dubstepper became Dubstep SX so this version is out of date. Follow the link above to get the latest version.

I must admit I’ve been totally underwhelmed by most of the dubstep apps in the itune store. It’s not that they don’t offer what they say (some don’t), it’s the way they are presented that totally irks me. I’m happy to plow through preset stock dubstep sounds; some are actually quite nice. I’m even happy enough to fork out a few dollars to use an unfinished app. What I don’t like are poorly designed interfaces. I like bright simple colors that are easy on the eye; not dark colors that have no depth or character and lacking imagination.

While I wouldn’t say I hate Dubstepper because of the way it is laid out, I think it could have been better. For a start to fit everything on one page is probably the first mistake. It’s not helped by so many buttons that are in several shades of grey (does grey need its own shadow?) and the font (if it’s not highlighted a nice blue around the edges and white centre) is unreadable unless you (a) peer really close to the screen or (b) turn it on.

The app is divided into 5 sections: 2 banks of loops, pads, drums, sfx. The drum section contains 4 small pads and 2 large pads. The sounds are stock and not interchangeable. There is a section for adjusting volume for the loops banks and drums. And the final section is taken up for the keyboard that has a speed setting and OSC 1-2.

Dubstepper has plenty going for it. The sounds are great and we are given heaps to play around with, though a user sample import would be a nice feature. The keyboard section is fine although I’m not all that thrilled by the design or the results. In my opinion it doesn’t sound dubstep enough. I’d like to create big bass drops for a starter and have an extended speed dial and more sounds to choose from. The drum section doesn’t really offer much and probably should be totally done away with. The app is also prone to crashing. While I’m writing this the loops and drum section are not responding and the only thing working is the keyboard.

To sum up – While I’m thrilled with the sounds on board (when they work), I consider the app a nice try that might possibly be worth the $1.99 in future upgrades, though at present it’s a bit underwhelming.