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Effectrix for iPad

Effectrix For iPad

Information and Specifications

Category: Effects Apps
Size: 63.8 MB
Language: English
Seller: Sugar Bytes GmbH
© Sugar Bytes
Requirements: Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Price: $27.99 (Check local pricing)
Effectrix – Sugar Bytes GmbH

Description: Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer for the iPad.

Effectrix is a professional multi-effect sequencer for the iPad. It is another app that has been ported from the Mac or PC and a much cheaper alternative. Effectrix is a different beast to the usual effects apps we have seen. It uses a sequencer matrix for combining effects into patterns and loops. While a novel idea, in practice the results are staggering and limitless. There are 20 samples installed, 230 factory presets (100 global, ca. 9 per effect) and 14 effects. Each effect can be adjusted with up to 8 parameter and two modulator tracks per effect. Full MIDI implementation, IAA, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus supported. Integrated Audio Player and Recorder (iTunes FileSharing, Music Library, Factory Loops). You can save your own presets and use them with the VST version.The effects themselves are assigned down the track like an instrument. You basically just drag an effect into the timeline and adjust it from there, either stretching it out or adjusting the parameters that open at the bottom of the page for each effect. For example the Scratch Loop has several options to change including the Size, FWD Spin, Slope, BWD Spin and Slope. And then the Attack, Mix and Release parameters. There are also presets already programmed in to try out for each effect.The Pattern Keys allows a few neat tricks. Each pattern is saved to a key. Just hit the next note to create a new pattern and do this up to the whole 12 notes on offer. Each pattern (key) can be triggered via MIDI (with MIDI Trigger). You can also Copy and Paste between patterns.Using your own loops or songs from your iTunes library is easy. Just load a song from iTunes and use AudioPaste to select a file from the Factory/Shared folder.Is it any good? In a word totally. If you’re into mashing up music this would be a great tool. For subtle use of effects in mixes this is ideal. Not a complete mastering tool (it’s not trying to be in the least), its uses are many. The quality of effects are pretty good. I would have been happy with a Filter, Reverb and Delay, the rest of the effects Looping, Scratch, Vinyl, Stutter, Reverse, etc are just brilliant. The level of fine tuning a parameter takes it to another level. The ability to trigger patterns over MIDI is great and the implementation of AudioPaste, Audiobus, InterApp Audio is second to none. This has it all. Effectrix oozes quality. For $17.99 it’s a much cheaper alternative to the desktop version, which goes for $99(?). You get a lot for your money and it’s going to sit on your iPad getting a heap of use out of it. I’m sure people who have discovered the app will look at the desktop version and snap that up as well. Could be one of the best apps going around. Get it now!

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