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Fourier Touch

Fourier Touch

Information and Specifications

Category: Synthesizer Apps
Seller: Eiji Konaka
© 2010 KonakaLab
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Price: Free (Check for availability)
Get it here: Fourier Touch – KonakaLab

Description: Fourier Touch is a multi-touch app for generating sounds. Sound frequency, pitch, and volume can be selected simultaneously. There are five sound types: sine, spud square, square, sawtooth, and triangle.

Fourier Touch is a simple sound generating app for both the iPad and iPhone. It is multi-touch and uses the inbuilt accelerometer to alter volume and pitch. Basic tones available include: square, saw, triangle and sine. While the app has limited appeal and use the let down is the audio artifacts that is generated. There is a record function in the paid version, though overall the app should be avoided if you expect it to be something it’s not. As an example of how accelerometer can be used get the free version for several moments of use.

Overall a disappointment. The horrible sounds needs addressing for this app to be usable.