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Goblin Metro Sydney 16 July 2013


Claudio Simonetti on keyboards
Claudio Simonetti on keyboards

Goblin performed to a packed crowd in Sydney at the Metro on Tuesday night. Bringing their progressive rock music to Sydney audiences for the first time, it follows a sold out concert from 2012 at the Town Hall in Melbourne. And what a night it was!

The night started out with supporting artist Melbourne instrumentalist Miles Brown wowing us with his amazing theremin skills. The crowd were ecstatic with his performance and it really set up nicely for Goblin to come on stage at around 8.30pm.

Lead by Claudio Simonetti on keyboards, Massimo Morante on guitar, Murizio Guarini on keyboards, Bruno Previtali on bass and Titta Tani on drums. The Italian maestros let it be known early on why they were and still are in such demand for doing the soundtracks for some of the best horror movies of the 70s and 80s. We got all the classics such a Roller (my personal favourite), Zombi, Suspiria, Tenebre, Phenomena, Profondo Rosso.

Claudio Simonetti on keyboards was a true musician, acknowledging the audience and showing his amazing skills. His Moog Voyager gave him great service for synth leads and weird noises. Next to him was Massimo Morante, sheer class all the way, showing he is one of Italy’s leading guitar players and long time best friends with Claudio so I hear, and part of the original line up with Simonetti. On bass was Bruno Previtali who enjoyed performing in front of the audience, is a relatively new member of the band, took any chance to strut his stuff up close with the elder member Morante. He was also suffering from illness so he did a superb job. The other keyboardist was Murizio Guarini, an early member of the band was on the other side of the stage where I was and he was in his element, enjoying being in Sydney and playing to an appreciative crowd. Finally on drums was Titta Tani who didn’t disappoint and my ears can attest to that! At the end of the concert he was on a video call to his girlfriend showing her his view of the audience.

A great night. It is great to see these amazing guys playing in Sydney and I’m sure there are a lot of people wanting to see them back. Their body of work, which includes the sound track to zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and Dario Argento scare fest Suspiria, has really translated to a live performance. We got to see scenes from the classic films they scored projected at the back of the band. It made for a wonderful night. Towards the end of the night we got an extra treat with Miles Brown returning with his theremin to join Goblin for the song Phenomena. And when the show ended there was no doubt the calls for an encore would be granted.