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Interpol For iPad


Information and Specifications

Category: Synthesizer Apps
Language: English
Seller: alexander smith
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Price: $3.99 (check local pricing)
Get it here: interpol – alexander smith

Description: Interpol is a monosynth for the iPad. It features 2 identical monosyths for morphing between the 2. Morph between waveforms, filter types or chord structures. Over 40 parameters can be merged seamlessly in real time. Interpol is audiobus compatible, includes MIDI and you can load and save presets.

Quick Review
Interpol is one of those apps that stand out instantly from the rest of the crowd. I’m not saying it’s perfect, it’s not, it is well made and contains great ideas that rise above the rest.

What is it? It’s basically 2 identical monosynths with a cross-fader for morphing between the 2 synths. Each monosynth has a Oscillator with 4 basic wave types which can be used on their own or together in various combinations. Under that we have the filter section which has LP, HP and BP and Cutoff and Filter knobs. There is also a Transpose, Detune section and a simple FX section that has Saturation and Bit Crush for added bite and nastiness. Under all this is the Chord section which has 8 different chord types. The great part of the chord section is you can morph between say a Major chord to a Minor chord or some other combination.

The second section under the synth section is the Interpolation cross-fader where you can morph between the 2 synths by sliding your finger in the direction you want to go. To the left of this is the option to change the octaves to 4 stages and a Hold button to keep a sound going until you turn it off. To the right is the Load, Save and Help buttons. The Load section is where you can call up a preset in one of 8 banks. You save your sounds to one of these as well. The Help button is self explanatory.

Is it any good? The monosynths are pretty basic it has to be said. There’s no ADSR envelopes and the effects section is a little under done. Saturation doesn’t do much below the 45 value and above that turns to static pretty quick. Bit Crush is fine. The Filter section is good. Interpol shines though when you morph between the 2 synths. Changing chords is smooth and open to experimentation. Another great feature is before you morph between the synths you change a parameter first, such as turn the filter cutoff right down. Then going from the first monsynth sliding to the second monosynth the Cutoff will begin in the middle and follow the morph to the point you started with. Neat. MIDI ccs are available to use with an external controller, etc. It is suppose to be Audiobus compatible though my Audiobus app couldn’t find it. This might be a iOS 7 problem or else my iPad might be at fault which is more likely the explanation.

Besides a basic monosynth on offer my only other gripe is the limited 8 banks to store and load sounds. I would have liked to see more banks, perhaps user banks and more preset sounds. Other than that Twisted Electrons have done another fine job and a developer I look forward to seeing more from. For $3.99 you get 2 monosynths and a couple of nice features wrapped in a easy to navigate interface. Get it now!