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NLogSynth Pro iPad App

NLog Pro iPad App

Information and Specifications

Category: Synthesizer Apps
Updated: 7 April 2014
Version: 5.3.1
Size: 13.6 MB
Language: English
Seller: Rolf Wohrmann
© 2010-2014 Rolf Wöhrmann
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Price: $10.49
Get it here: NLogSynth PRO – tempo rubato

Description: NLogSynth Pro is a Virtual Analogue Synthesizer with support for AudioBus, Inter-App Audio, WIST and Core MIDI compatible apps & interfaces.

The old adage to judge a music app by its presets is clear here. While NLogSynth Pro has been around for awhile, and as I write it is up to version 5.2.3, it is a worthwhile entry in the cluttered virtual analog arena that is the iTunes app store. Is the presets any good? There are over 200 sounds ready made to play and mess with and a lot of these are great. According to the developer NLogSynth Pro is a “professional grade virtual analogue low latency sound engine”. They could be right. So what do you get for a bit over 10 bucks?

When I do a video to go with the app I always miss a lot I should have looked at. Feature rich apps are littered over the iTunes store and NlogSynth Pro is one of them. The default screen (the OSC screen) is a bit misleading; in a good way mind. While you have a neatly arranged layout there’s enough on that page to get you started (with the Load page open to buzz through the presets). It’s when you dive into the tiny buttons up the top you realize what you’re dealing with: a fully fledged synthesizer.

Under the hood are 4 Oscillators with 20 waveforms: SINE, SAWTOOTH, TRIANGLE and SQUARE and 16 additional wavetables, as well as
pulse width modulation, FM, Ring and Noise. The filter page has 2 Filters and 7 filter types, Low, High and Band Pass. There are 4 ADSR Envelope generators and 4 Modulation LFOs. The Modulation page has 4 slots to modulate 3 destinations. Onto the effects page there is a stereo delay with feed, x-feed and filter and chorus. The effects: Reverb, EQs, Shaper, Flanger, Phaser and Bypass with their own parameter changes for each effect.

The Load screen includes various banks of sounds, including PRO Sounds, Keys and Pads, 7 Skies, Arp:xy, 2.0 XTD, Old Factory, and NLogMini. There are also 3 User banks. Each Sound or Bank can be exported to email or iTunes, or imported. The Save page has 3 User banks to store 36 sounds per bank. The Tape page is a simplistic approach to Record Waves or MIDI and features Overdub, Loop, Click, Save and Files and Volume control. The Sys page is the system pages for various functions or adjustments including Tuning, Transpose, Unison, Detune, Delays, Pans and a lot of other functions, including Device and MIDI control.

The performance part of the synth has a lot to offer, including a neat “X/Y dimensional controller”, 4 customizable PERFORMANCE knobs and Keyboard with VERTICAL modulation control. The arpeggiator section is solid and fully featured. Finally, the Master section has all bases covered with Volume, Pan, Glide, Cutoff, Attack, release and Dry/Wet.

As you can see there’s a lot on offer. I’m sure I’ve missed heaps (just as I did on the video!). Give me plenty of presets and I’m a happy man. I can jump in and work from there. The arpeggiator is great, maybe some preset patterns would be even better. The layout of the effects section is a bit clunky and a few more effects wouldn’t go amiss either. I like the Performance aspect of the synth; moving between the octaves is a breeze and the Pitch and Mod wheels are great. You don’t get many apps that can do these right. They act like a real instrument. Talking about real instruments, MIDI implementation is flawless and complete. CoreMIDi compatiple, including WIST and other compatiple MIDI interfaces. Capable of Poly Aftertouch and Channel Pressure from external Controllers. And AudioBus support. Export patches and recordings to iTunes, SoundCloud, Email, WiFi, Beatmaker & Sonoma AudioCopy pasteboards.

Is it any good? It’s great, not perfect but a fully featured mother loaded synthesizer crammed full of excellent sounds and a brilliant arpeggiator and one of the best MIDI implementations I’ve seen this side of a Zanzibar. For $10.49? You’ve got to be kidding. Not quite in the league with Korg, but oh so close. If you haven’t already got it, get it!