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Novation Launchpad iPad App

Novation Lau

Information and Specifications

Category: Control Surface Apps

Language: English
Seller: Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.
© Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.
Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad and iPhone. Check compatibilities.
Price: Free with in-app purchases.
Get it here: Novation Launchpad – Novation

Description: The Novation Launchpad is the iPad version of the popular Launchpad hardware. It features 8 volume sliders, an FX section such as repeater and filter effects and the ability to load new complete sessions and sounds.

Update: Version 1.3: Record your performance, Share mix with Dropbox, Soundcloud or e-mail. Change category of imported samples. Various bug fixes.

This is the app version of the successful hardware controller Launchpad. It features a 8×6 grid for triggering up to 8 loops at once. There are volume sliders for every row and an effect section that has note repeat and other sound mangling effects.

On the grid screen you have several options available to you. The first is the home button. This is where you will begin a session. You can edit a session or start a new session. The Store tab is where you can buy various packs to use in your mixes. Once you open a session you are taken to the main grid page. Up the top to the right you have the Sample, Trigger and Edit tabs and a Help page that explains each function. The Sample tab displays the name of the samples and category on each pads. The Trigger displays the behavior of each pad when pressed: 4 is a loop and starts and stops on the bar, 1 loops starts and stops on the beat, 0 loops start and stop instantly and the arrow pad is a one shot without loop. The Edit tab is where you can change the sample or trigger type.

To the side of the grid display on the right hand side at the bottom you can adjust Filter, Volume and FX for each of the 8 tracks.

The sounds and loops sets this apart from anything else on the market. The app works with the new Novation S controller. To get the most out of the app though you have to buy the packs in the store. At the time of writing this the packs are: UK Garage, Trap, Dub and Reggae, Dirty Electro House, 24 Hours of Techno and Down Tempo. Each pack costs $2.99. While I haven’t tried out most of the packs what I have is impressive and well worth splashing out for. According to the Home screen a future update will include User Samples. A great inclusion that will get it closer to being equal with the original Launchpad. What it doesn’t have is integration with Ableton Live, no ability to save your own sets or record sessions as audio files or share it to Soundcloud. No Audiobus either. But what it does have is it’s a great controller for playing on the fly in a live environment. It’s simple. The layout is great and you might just want to get the hardware version; I know I did!

For an initial free price to get you started the app is one of the best in the Apple Store. The added bonus of cheap packs to get more sounds, it really is a cut above the rest. Get it now!

Update: Since I wrote the review Novation has included Audio import with version 1.2. You can import audio from audio import or via Dropbox. From veraion 1.3 you can now record your performance and share via Dropbox, Soundcloud and e-mail. Get it here: Novation Launchpad – Novation