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Dubstep SX iPad App

Dubstep SX

Information and Specifications

Categoryy: Dubstep Apps
Updated: 09 January 2014
Version: 3.2
Size: 66.8 MB
Language: English
Seller: Paul Betowski
© Paul Betowski 2012 All rights reserved.
Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Price: $0.99

Description: Dubstep SX is a dubstep app for the iPad, featuring MPC style loops/sfx/pads, a synthesizer and synth drum.

Dubstep SX is yet another dubstep app coming from the iTunes store. Whether we need another one or not, Dubstep SX has been around for a while, it does feature a few things the rest of the crowd doesn’t. A lot of dubstep (what is called dubstep) app are just MPC style grids with a standard set of sounds you can’t edit or replace. These are usually free (some are not), and besides being lacking in features have bog standard sounds similar (or the same) to the dozen or so that came before it. Dubstep SX is a bit different because it used to be called Dubstepper and according to the developer “Dubstepper just got better!”. One of my complaints with Dubstepper in the review I did was the design was a bit odd. Everything was on one screen and the color scheme was an awful several shades of grey. It’s good to see Dubstep SX has tried to address these issues and become more than a half decent app. But is it enough? The price has been lowered as well to a reasonable $0.99.

Is it any good? Dubstep SX has three main screens. The main screen is where you play the small pads to trigger various kinds of sounds, like Drum loops, Bass, Rhythm, Pads, One Shot and User. There are 10 drum loops, 8 bass sounds, 6 rhythm sounds, 9 Pads, 14 One Shots and 8 User slots to record a max of 2 minutes of audio. You can also email your recordings. The top 4 rows can have effects applied to each row. The effects include Filter, Distortion, Reverb, Delay and Volume. The One Shot row just has a volume adjust, possibly because there are too many pads to include effects, which is just plain odd. The User row can have effects applied as well. In between the User pads and effects buttons is something called Tools which shows when a sound is activated by how loud the volume is. Not sure about the functionality of it, the name Tools is more confusing than anything. Maybe I’m missing something.

The next screen is accessed by one of two icons on the button right of the first screen. The SynthDrum features 4 large pads with uneditable sounds. The last screen, or the second button next to the DrumSynth is a simple synthesizer that feature an oscillator, a filter section, AMP and effects. It’s a nice little addition and probably a little under done. The two effects, Bit and Clip, are OK, I was expecting a few more effects. Some presets would be nice. A little underwhelming and a bit out of place with the rest of the app, just like the DrumSynth.

On the whole Dubstep SX falls short. I don’t like the layout of the main screen. I can see what the developer is doing, I just think the layout is wrong. The main problem is there’s too many buttons. Why not look at a grid based design like the MPC or Maschine, limit the buttons and have sounds assignable to each pad? The effects are nice, but not the way they are implemented to each bank of sounds. Where’s the effects for the One Shots? The DrumSynth. I’m not that keen. Give us something to assign. The synthesizer: great effort, not sure it belongs with the app. The synthesizer and DrumSynth have the potential as stand alone apps.

The actual sounds are pretty good, considering most are your standard dubstep fare, nothing flash, but the drum loops are quite useful as are the bass sounds. Like I’ve said on other reviews, it’s great to make music like this but without being able to sync loops together, you have to have a steady hand to hit the pads right the first time or else the results are poor. Not enough to assign is my main gripe and the layout could be better. For $0.99 it’s value for money.

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