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vidibox iPad App

vidibox ipad app

Information and Specifications

Category: Drum Machine Apps

Languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Seller: amaury hazan
© Amaury Hazan
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Price: $9.99 (Check local pricing.)
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Description: vidibox is a new and different kind of video remixing app for iPad that lets users create real-time music and video projects from an intuitive drum pad interface.

Just straying away from my usual reviews of music apps, vidibox combines the functions of a drum machine and a video playback synthesizer. The results are a video mashup combined with whatever sound you want to go with it, in a format most people will recognize if they’ve used drum machines, etc. It is worth the bother? Do you want to combine video with your music? It’s an interesting idea if the concept is new. Of course the concept isn’t new. But on the iPad it brings more flexibility to a system that is way ahead of everything to start with. The iPad is a well used machine for playing live. Can we now take it on the road and hook up video screens for a better experience?

When you start vidibox it has a similar interface to a drum machine. There are 16 pads that can contain audio and video (both at the same time or just one). Importing is done by getting into the Import menu that opens up on the right side. Here you will be able to select where the video and audio is coming from, whether it’s from your projects, camera roll or file sharing folders. To add to a pad simply drag the file into it. It will ask you if you want to import audio only, video only, both audio and video or cancel. Sounds are quantized to the BPM, although if playing live it sometimes misses it and you’re momentarily out of sync. In Edit mode you can select to Hold, Trigger or loop your samples. Audio and video can be trimmed.

Under the Layout menu you have the options to choose how your layout looks like. There are 18 displays to choose from. There is also a VFX and AFX bank. The VFX bank has several options: Zoom, Color and Level. The AFX bank has just Reso to adjust. Next to that is the Settings menu for saving, loading, tempo and quantization. App options include turning on or off Background Audio, Full Screen Mirroring, Tap Volume Control. The MIDI page gives you access to a screen for how you want to control the app externally. Under the Credits tab you can connect your Dropbox account.

Other features include the ability to record performances in real time and share created content via Dropbox. There is also external screen support. Audiobus and MIDI in/out via CoreMIDI is supported as well.

Is it any good? It works well. The design is well thought out, maybe just a little dull. I’d like to see some depth or design built into the pads that doesn’t distract from the loaded video content. If a video isn’t loaded it looks a bit lifeless. The VFX page is great for changing the look of the video. The AFX is limited with just one effect to adjust. Adding media is simple and a pleasure to use. Trimming samples or videos is straight forward. I could see this app being used live with little or no fuss. The lack of effects is a downer, although Audiobus support is there so no big deal. I still like to use built in effects in the apps I’m using and then using Audiobus if I want to add something extra to the sound. Still, it’s a great app. Great for DJs or musicians wanting to add video into a performance. At $9.99 it’s a great price for great results. Get it here: vidibox – music & video mashup: VJ, DJ, musicians, movie makers – Billaboop Studio