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Yamaha QX1

Yamaha QX1Information and Specifications

The Yamaha QX1 is a MIDI sequencer that records information received at its MIDI INPUT jack. Recording can be recorded in real time from external instrument. It can also be recorded in EDIT mode, where music data is entered note by note from the QX1 keyboard. Data is stored in 32 banks and each one can be up to 999 bars in length. Tempo and time signature of a Bank can be recorded and varied within the duration of a Bank.

Each bank can contain music on each of the eight tracks and each Track can be overdubbed by an unlimited amount of times without any loss in quality.

You can link banks together into Chains that can contain up to 32 steps, with each step being a single Bank or up to 32 repetitions of a Bank.

Everything is recorded to a 5 1/4″ floppy disk, which can contain up to 80 000 notes.

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